Andrae-This just shows us that woman are versatile. We have the heart like thine. We we’re made with an exceptional, huge heart. We are able to love another Child who was not created in our wombs. This shows that Children have second chances with different families and learn that not only their birth parents can love them, and that a total stranger could offer such care that would change their lives forever.

Zari-This book is perfect for children being raised by mothers who don’t exactly look like them.It has all different characters on each page. Goes over the basic role of a mother from a childs standpoint. Really great for adopted children, children being raised by other family members, children in foster care, mixed race children, or just a mother with children. I LOVE it. Thank you.

Jenetta-This is a wonderful book. It helps children to understand that the people that care for them can hold special places in their hearts regardless of physical attributes. It is very well written. I am so happy to have a copy for my son.

Anna-This is the perfect children’s book not only for children that “Mama” didn’t give birth to, but also for all children teaching them their friends mom can look very different sometimes. Wonderful illustrations, and fun rhyming short lessons. Nice tool to address a complex issues with simplicity.