And That’s Why I Don’t Celebrate…

Where did the traditions and practices of today’s holidays come from? Most are unaware that the origins of these holidays are rooted in pagan customs. This workbook lets our children explain and remember their own viewpoints on why they don’t celebrate these popular holidays but how they can still have fun, be thankful, loving, and kind individuals.

Be proud of what you believe in!

Enjoy the multiple cute illustrations and characters as you write in this “notebook” why you don’t celebrate the mainstream holidays as so many today do.




And That’s Why She’s My Mama

What is a Mama? A mama is someone who is always there for you. She makes you your favorite food, takes you to the park, and kisses your boo-boos better. Some mamas didn’t hold you in their belly, but they will forever hold you in their hearts. Mamas come in all different shapes, colors, and ages, but they all have one thing in common.

They love you!

Enjoy the multiple characters in this children’s story which explores the loving tasks of what makes a mama.

(Recommended for children ages 1-6)

Front Cover


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